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How we do it

Using existing technologies

Sometimes, the best tool for the job is already available out of the box. Or maybe you have opened up lots of boxes, and now need them to talk to each other.

Whether it is WordPress, SalesForce, SugarCRM, or any other system with an interface that we can talk to, we can work with it and integrate into it.

Why rebuild it if you don't need to ? Web developers hate rebuilding things for the sake of it, just as much as your pocket does.

However, software does grow old, and sometimes a system is so old, that continuing to use will limit the potential of your business to grow.

If so, it doesn't make sense to invest time and money reconfiguring inadequate components.

Sidra Blue technology

We have our own technology!

Why? Because technology moves fast, and the global software development community has moved onto new standards of functionality and quality. Most out-of-the-box systems (such as WordPress) do not meet these standards.

For the record, just what are these standards?

The majority of the open source PHP world has come together to create the Framework Interoperability Group, which works according to a stringent set of PHP Specification Request (PSR) standards.

Developers build packages to these standards, and share them through sites such as Packagist.

This puts a vast large library of cutting-edge software tools at our disposal, when we come to focus on the specific requirements of your project.

It means we don't have to build components from the ground up, but also means we are not restricted to working within the limited capacities of out-of-the-box systems.

"What about WordPress?"

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and other systems, are playing catch-up, and are a long way away from being capable of working to the high quality of our PSR standards.

This means such systems can only provide limited options in the present, and may lack the flexibility you need in the future.

Feel free to contact us at Sidra Blue if you would like to discuss these technical aspects in detail.

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