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Case studies

Building a publisher one platform for their 200+ sites

Schoolzine is an interactive communication platform for Schools and other student based organisations. They assist in publishing newsletters and other material to hundreds of schools Australia wide, and with

With a growing organisation, their internal systems were feeling the strain, and overheads were mounting in dealing with a multitude of indepdent technical products. Each existing system met a specific need, but there was no centralised platform to manage and synchronise the operation, and provide a global view of the operation.

As a first step, Sidra Blue was tasked with building an internal process management system. This system had to:

  • Replace multiple existing standlone solutions and integrate their fucntionality
  • Assimilate with existing software used by Schools, so that data entry would flow back into the new system seamelsly
  • Provide a platform for replacing and ugprading all of the web based software used by Schoolzine clients
  • Be fully owned by Schoolzine, even though its built on a Sidra Blue foundation

With the CRM completed, we are now in the process of assisting Schoolzine in being an innovation leader in their industry. A long-term roadmap has been devised in order to build new and integrated systems for use by their Schools, and for the capacity to expand to other vertical markets.

An international fleet monitoring company

Monitel provides the most reliable, state-of-the-art industrial automation and remote monitoring services in the Asia Pacific region. Sidra Blue was commissioned to work with their existing hardware developers to integrate real-time fleet data into a web portal.

The scope of the project was to develop a solution from the ground up, for fleet tracking, fleet servicing, GPS integration and engine monitoring. The solution required multiple portals for clients, partners and monitel administrators, along with access control on a per user level. Monitel retained management of the project internally, with Sidra Blue being one of a managed software development team.

Being an innovative development with a fluid scope, the Scrum methodology was used throughout the development. This allowed for requirements to be met in small steps, evaluated and then the scope changed incrementally with minimal loss of time and cost.

Monitel has been a client for over 4 years, and Sidra Blue continues to improve and develop their software through ongoing maintenance contracts.

Building a framework for moving to the web

When a desktop development company with hundreds of clients decided they needed to adapt their software for the web, they contacted Sidra Blue.

Their existing software is a middleware that enables SME's within a supply chain to do real time processing and data transfer. It integrates with all of the major accounting systems in Australia, New Zealand and the US, in order to allow for transactions and invtentory to be distributed from a centralised location.

With the ever expanding scope of the web to deliver software solutions, they decided that it was a more feasible and cost effective measure to start migrating their systems to the web. With some of their legacy software dating back to the 90s, they needed someone to start with a clean slate, so they contacted us.

Sidra Blue was thus contracted to build a foundation of a framework for migration of their existing desktop based software to cloud based architecture. The framework was to be best of breed and a foundation for all of their web systems in the future, following standards for security and interoperability.

Ultimaltely they received a flexible and powerful web framework upon which their internal development team continues to add plugins and functionality. The system is plugin based, currently having functionality for intranets, member management, shopping carts, document processing and quoting systems. The web platform is in now in use by some of Australias and New Zealands biggest companies, along with a large Fortunate 500 company from the US.

If you want to know more about them, or what we can do for you, then contact us

Providing a non-profit with an easy online management tool

YouthCARE is a not for profit orgnisation providing counselling services within hundreds of WA schools and communities.

YouthCARE faced numerous challenges in dealing with their large and varied workforce, predominantly for maintaining up to date records and documentation. Sidra Blue was asked to develop a new system within the existing network infrastructure in order to meet this need.

So far, Sidra Blue has developed:

  1. An intranet for use by all staff and volunteers. The intranet is integrated into the internal Microsoft based network which determines the access levels of the majority of users.
  2. A records storage system which has eliminated the need for manual record keeping of counselling notes
  3. Mobile applications for Android and Apple devices which integrates with the online intranet
  4. An E-Learning system which provides training, which is critically important for YouthCARE gien the naturally fluid volunteer base.

Having proven to the client our ability to adapt a solution within a given infrastructure, and to enhance existing capacities, Sidra Blue is now in consultation with YouthCARE to replace additional systems and processes, which were far outside of the additional scope.

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